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Players retired immediately after the coach

Le 25 October 2017, 15:16 dans Humeurs 0

Players retired immediately after the coach sector is not everyone failed, Kidd's coaching performance is good, he was particularly successful to build Alto Kunbo. Great player career for Kidd coaching is a great help, which in the transformation of "letter brother" in the process is fully reflected Thomas Rawls Jersey. "Kidd coach began to let me lose three points, and sometimes let me sit on the bench," Addu Kunbo said, "I am not convinced, and my heart would like to ask me to listen to him. Greece, before the understanding of the NBA is not too much so I specifically went to check the Kidd coach's career, the results scared me jump, he is the best rookie, is the championship Germain Ifedi Jersey, took the Olympic gold medal, assists the history of the first Second, there are all-star, the best team and the best defensive team and so a lot of honor I was to understand, or obediently obedient it The charm of competitive sports is that you never know what will happen next time, then, Tracy McGrady staged 35 seconds before 13 minutes Cheap NFL Jerseys, many rocket fans have been withdrawn, Reggie - Miller staged 8.9 seconds before 8 minutes, the same large Fans leave, they do not want to a "no suspense" of the end of the game after the end of the parking lot caused by congestion, but after learning the final results, I believe that these people are intolerant of the intestines Austin Davis Jersey, after all, they missed The most classic chapter in history. God script, less than the last moment completely guess the outcome.

Kidd and the year of Bird is a special case

Le 25 October 2017, 15:16 dans Humeurs 0

Kidd and the year of Bird is a special case, most of the stars after retirement is difficult to become a good coach. "Magic" Johnson in the 1993-94 season briefly coached the Lakers, the results are 5 wins and 11 losses. There was a training session Jarran Reed Jersey, standing on the sidelines of the command of the "magician" found a pass opportunity, he was anxious to attack the organization of the Lakers point guard propaganda, but the players are confused. "The magician" is very puzzled to ask the side of the assistant: "Why did he not pass, the opportunity so good, a pass over the score." Assistant smile: "He can not see that opportunity, he is not you Yeah. UCLA players not only physical quality amazing, technical and tactical level is also significantly beyond the time of the Chinese men's basketball a big cut Jordan Roos Jersey. Although Wu Deng coach has been retired, UCLA Bruins play or he coached the highly respected set: the audience pressing Tyler Lockett Jersey, attack defense, steals back. Opening less than 5 minutes, the Chinese men's basketball team has been nearly 20 points behind, once the ball over half is very difficult. To explore the strength of the Chinese men's basketball team, UCLA coach flag a wave, the team immediately changed another play. Attack the end of a board a drop of the ground, as long as the front of the defender is not forced to shoot, through a number of pass to create space shooting opportunities, defensive end is also a normal defense, emphasizing the position rather than the use of physical advantage close to force, that white is not the body " Bullying. Even so, a ball down, the Chinese men's basketball or output to more than 20 points, after playing really convinced, really see the world's leading basketball is what level. Return to the Timberwolves against the Thunder this one, in the first three quarters, the Thunder has been in a passive situation, running in a poor, defensive not working, so that they are difficult to catch up with the score, but Wei Shao Shao opened last season's thunderbolt mode, let the game re-rich Suspense, 30 seconds before the whistle, Weissbrook hit unreasonable three points, the two sides battle became 110 level, the game seems to move in the direction of time ahead Steve Donatell Jersey.

Superstars are often able to escape

Le 25 October 2017, 15:16 dans Humeurs 0

Superstars are often able to escape out of the system, or that they themselves are tactical systems, and this situation will become an obstacle to their coaching. So Jordan retired to become the team boss Justin Britt Jersey, Bryant retired after the business, and James also said that after retirement will not coaching Frank Clark Jersey, more willing to become a team shareholders. Good players may not be a good coach, a good player is not willing to be a coach, this is the reality of the NBA. Convinced, Zhang Weiping in the field or still make every effort to continue to maintain the average score of twenty or three points in the confrontation with the US black center did not fall off the wind Shaquill Griffin Jersey. After the game, the local Chinese newspaper "Overseas Chinese Daily" posted a substantial report: "Chinese men's basketball team on the 4th Zhang Weiping dare to fight Marcus Lucas Jersey, is indeed the World Basketball World Championship striker!" There is also a little episode in this game. After a few years after a Chinese game, Zhang Weiping in the course of the occasion before the Nuggets Nets and other team general manager, had single-handed selection of Bartle Xue Yuyang and other Chinese players Qiqi - van der Vieqi, chatting inadvertently mentioned that many years ago in the United States With UCLA played such a game. Van der Vicky suddenly clapped his hands: "Hey, that field I am also ah!" At that time he was UCLA study, but also the school team's absolute main force. Two people think of the year, filled with emotion.

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